1 Rules
    All races at this club will be governed by Yachting New Zealand's Racing Rules of Sailing & Safety Regulations 2017-2020 (or any subsequent versions) , the rules of participating classes (except as altered by these sailing instructions), and these Sailing Instructions.

The Sailing Committee, as defined in the above Rules, is the Mount Pleasant Yacht Club (MPYC) Sailing Committee.

The "Race Information" includes any information published for the particular race. Generally this will be information on Race Information Boards displayed at the Club, but also includes information in the Canterbury Yachting Association Handbook, or any special information displayed for particular races such as Class Championships.
2 Entries

Entries are to be recorded by completing the official MPYC Entry Sheet with the following details:
Club you are a member of, Class of yacht, Yacht Name, Yacht Number, Skipper’s name, Crew’s name if applicable, and must be signed by the skipper.

When you sign the Entry Sheet you are indicating to the Race Officer that you have agreed to sail the race in accordance with these Sailing Instructions.

The Race Officer may refuse an entry if the skipper or yacht does not meet the requirements of these Sailing Instructions.

Championship and Handicap race entries must be made at least 20 minutes before the start of the first race of the day.

Mark Foy race entries must be made at least 45 minutes before the race's start time.

Unless noted as an Open event, visitors from YNZ affiliated Clubs are welcome to race but are not eligible to win Club trophies.

Yachts must start in at least two Club races to become eligible to win any trophy.

Any member whose subscription is unpaid after November 30 is not eligible to race, and will not be eligible to win any trophy.

3 Classes and Divisions
  The Classes and Divisions used for races at this Club are as follows. The abbreviations shown are those used when shortening courses, or referring to particular groups on race information boards.
  Optimist (OP) P Class (PC) Starling (ST) Sunburst (SU) Zephyr (ZE) Laser (LA) Open (ON)
Paper Tiger (PT)
  Junior (J) Senior (S) Paper Tiger (P)
4 Changes to Sailing Instructions
    Any changes to Sailing Instructions for particular races or days will be shown on a racing information board 30 minutes prior to the Warning Signal of the first start.
5 Signals Made Ashore
    5.1 Signals made ashore will be displayed on the club flagpole.
    5.2 Flag G indicates that there will be a boat start.
    5.3 Flag L indicates there is a change to the advertised standard procedure for that day, and you should check the racing information board.
    5.4 Flag AP with two sounds means the race is postponed. The warning signal will be made not less than 5 minutes after the AP is lowered, with one sound signal.
6 Schedule of Races
    6.1 The start time for the first race each day will be published in the Canterbury Yachting Association Handbook.
    6.2 The Race Officer may revise the start times from those advertised to cater for the numbers of boats, state of the tide or wind, availability of support people, or any other reason.
    6.3 Start times for all races will be displayed on the race information boards displayed at the Clubhouse.
7 Flags for Boat Starts
    The Class/Division Code Flags for Boat Starts will be specified on the race information boards. In some cases classes may be grouped together. They will then be issued with a start number such as
P-Class + Opti's + Firebugs Start No = 1
8 Courses
    The courses to be sailed will be displayed on racing information boards at least 15 minutes before the Warning Signal.
9 The Start Line
    9.1 Clubhouse Start Line
      The Start Line for Clubhouse Starts is a line between Outer mark and an orange pole on the clubhouse in front of the Start Box window.

This Start Line has two additional marks. The first is the Inner "distance mark", and the second is a mark near the middle of the start line which is known as the Middle mark.

All yachts except Paper Tigers must start between the Inner and Middle marks.
Paper Tigers must start between the Middle and Outer marks.

Any changes to these instructions will be displayed on the racing information boards for the Classes/Divisions involved.
    9.2 Committee Boat Start Line
      Committee boat start line will be a line from an Orange Marker Post on the race committee boat at the starboard end, and a laid mark at the port end.
    9.3 All marks which define starting and finishing lines shall rank as marks of the course for the particular Class/Division using that starting and finishing line.
    9.4 Yachts shall keep clear of their starting line before the Preparatory Signal for their particular Class/Division.
10 Starting
    10.1 Club House Start
      Races will be started in the order shown on the racing information boards, using the Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 26.
      Signal Flag and sound Minutes before starting signal
      Warning Class or Division flags, displayed plus one sound signal 3
      Preparatory P flag displayed plus one sound signal 2
      One-minute Preparatory flag removed plus one long sound signal 1
      Starting Class or Division flags removed plus one sound signal 0
    The warning signal for each succeeding class shall be the starting signal of the preceding class.
    10.2 Mark Foy Start
      For Mark Foy starts, the Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 26, will apply.


The start corresponds to Mark Foy Number 0.
    (2) 30 seconds after the Start, number 1 is displayed and remains displayed for 30 seconds.
    (3) When 1 "drops", boats on Mark Foy Number 1 can start.
    (4) actions (1) and (2) are repeated, incrementing the number by 1 each time until all boats have started.
11 Recalls
      Contrary to Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 29.1, the Individual Recall shall be:
      In the event of a premature starter or starters one further sound signal and Code Flag X will be displayed. The onus shall lie with the yacht or yachts concerned to return and start correctly.
    11.2 General
      Contrary to Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 29.2, the General Recall shall be:
      Two Sound Signals with First Substitute displayed directly after the start signal. For the Class involved in a General Recall, their new Warning Signal shall be the Starting Signal of the Class scheduled to start last.
12 Shortening Course
    12.1 Club House Start
      Contrary to Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 32 - Shortening the Course, code flag S flown at or near a mark of the course shall indicate that all Classes/Divisions using that mark shall round it on its correct side as set out on the race information boards and proceed directly to the finish line. A sound signal may be given. This may mean that the finish line is crossed from a different direction than was indicated on the race information boards. A board displaying one or more Classes/Divisions in conjunction with Flag S shall mean that Shorten Course applies to those Classes/Divisions only.
Abandoning a race after the start, Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 32 will apply.
    12.2 Committee Boat Start
      Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 32, will apply.
13  Finish
    13.1 Clubhouse Finish
      Boats must pass between the Middle mark and the Inner mark when finishing.
      Yachts will be disqualified if they re-cross the finish line after finishing.
    13.2 Boat Finish
      The finish line will be between an orange staff on the Committee Boat and the nearby mark at the port end.
14  Time Limit
    The Time Limit for the first race for any Class/Division shall be 2 hours 30 minutes. Contrary to Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 35, yachts which fail to finish within one hour of the first yacht in their Class/Division shall be deemed not to have finished.

When two or more races are being sailed for a Class or Division they following also applies.
With the tide limitations of the Estuary, it is necessary to give the Race Officer discretion in deciding when to start the second race. Yachts will be given 20 minutes after the first yacht in their Class/Division to finish. After that time the Race Officer may declare those not yet finished to be DNF's, and start the second race. The Time Limit for the second race shall be 1 hour 15 minutes. Should there be insufficient tide, in the opinion of the Race Officer, the Race Officer may cancel the second race.

15  Protests
    Protests must be lodged in writing with the Race Officer within 45 minutes of the last boat’s finish of the race in question. Forms are available from the Race Officer at the Start-Box. Every endeavour will be made to hear protests within one hour of lodgment.
16  Points

Unless otherwise stated, the scoring system to be used for Club Series, is the Low Point System, based on Appendix A-A9 of the Racing Rules of Sailing, modified as follows:
A boat that came to the starting area but did not start (dns), was over the line (ocs), did not finish (dnf), retired after finishing (raf), or was disqualified (dsq) shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the last boat to finish the race.
A boat that does not come to the starting area (dnc) shall be scored points for the finishing place two more than the last boat to finish the race.

For the season points tally, the following additional rules apply:

- The Rinderle B High Point Scoring System is used.

- A race must consist of at least three boats in the same division to count towards the seasonal points tally

- Race position is based on the adjusted PY handicap position.

17  Safety Regulations
    17.1 All persons taking part in races sailed from this Club do so at their own risk.
    17.2 Any sailor with a health concern which could affect them while sailing should advise the Starting Box Officials who will provide them with a form to complete so that their concern can be taken into account by the Club.
    17.3 The club is not responsible for the sea-worthiness or adequacy of equipment of any yacht for which an entry has been accepted for any race under its control.
    17.4 It shall be the sole responsibility of each yacht to decide whether or not to start or continue in any race.
    17.5 Personal buoyancy complying with Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations Appendix 5 shall be worn by all persons taking part in races at this Club.
    17.6 Environment Canterbury Navigation Safety Bylaws 2005 will he observed at all times when participating in this Club's on the water activities.
18  Hazardous Conditions
    If the Race Officer decides that the weather conditions have become, or are likely to become, too hazardous for races underway to be completed, the following procedure will be initiated:

When the following signals are instigated all racing is abandoned for the day and all yachts are to seek the safety of the nearest shore.
      Code flag N with three sound signals will be flown from the Clubhouse flagpole.
      Code flag N with three sound signals will be displayed by Club rescue boats patrolling the fleet.
    Conditions can sometimes be so severe that signals cannot be made or displayed. Sailors should always be aware that they are responsible for their own safety, and take whatever action is necessary to ensure this.
    Safety of people is paramount in these circumstances, and rescue personnel will take whatever actions they deem necessary to ensure this. Sailors should assist by following instructions, and also assisting others if possible.