Mt Pleasant Yacht Club Inc

Because of the nature of the sport weather conditions can change and be unsuitable. Also facilities in
the form of suitable boats and instructors may also not be available. MPYC make no guarantees as to
availability of facilities on any particular day. The decision to sail is with the Officer of the Day and
with the Instructor.

To enrol in the course you will need to pay the course fee of $250 prior to or at the time of enrolling
which includes one year's membership fees.

To enrol in the course please go to the online registration page.

What to Bring

You are required to bring warm clothes. We suggest the following:

  • woollen or polyprop gear
  • a windbreaker
  • suitable footwear
  • hat/beanie
  • a change of clothes (especially underwear or swimming togs); and
  • a towel
  • wet suit and buoyancy aid if you have them
  • Life jackets and sunscreen are available

You are welcome to have a shower after the lesson and refreshments in the clubhouse after the on the
water session. 

When to arrive

Please arrive at the stated time, as it is necessary to cover some theory as well as rig the yacht so that
you get the most out of each lesson.

Learn to Sail, Level 1 (Program until Christmas)
Date Arrival Time Event
Sat 1st Oct 9:00 Intro to Programme.
Sun 2nd  Oct 9:00 Learn to sail
Sat 15th Oct 9:00 Learn to sail
Sat 22nd Oct 14:00 Learn to sail
Sat 5th Nov 13:30 Learn to sail
Sat 19th Nov 12:30 Learn to sail
Sat 3rd Dec 12:45 Learn to sail
Sat 17th Dec 11:00 Dr Walker Memorial Trophy .
    (3 races for 1st year learn to sail juniors)
Note: As sailors progress and become more comfortable they can join in with the Sunday fun racing sessions.


For the programme to work parents need to help out with duties including:

  • Rigging and de-rigging optimists. Instruction will be given to parents for this.
  • Running a rescue boat, especially at the start of the course (training will be provided).
  • Organising boats and sailors at waters edge and in the water.


Programme for New Year will be available before Christmas.

Galley hands in canteen would be appreciated

Contact Rene Borsboom for further information