There are 90 plus Lasers in Christchurch.  There are about 50 Lasers at Mount Pleasant Yacht Club. 

Lasers are an Olympic class and with a flat, rounded hull and large sail area, have been seen as a bit of a handful for lighter sailors.  In recent years, the introduction of smaller sail configurations - the Radial and 4.7 - have provided for women's racing and lighter weight sailing.  We now use Lasers at the Club for adult learning, as they have simple controls, and we can fit even smaller sails if required. 

In post-earthquake Christchurch with the changes to the depth of the Estuary, particularly in MPYC water, our fleet has come to be pre-dominated by lasers. With their shortish centreboard and correspondingly shallow draft, we can still get a a good three hours of racing on a decent high tide.

The price ranges from about $1000 for a old boat up to about $12,000 for a brand new one.